Shanghai Nights Slots (Genesis Gaming)

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video, bonus, 3-reel
Classic Slot Symbols, China, Regional

Shanghai once had a reputation as being a place where anything could happen...both good and bad. It was a place to find gambling, drinking and good times of all kinds. It was also dangerous. Shanghai Nights Slots honors the fun side of Shangai but without the danger. This is the bright, fun side of Shangai, where you can gale and maybe even walk away with a fortune.

Creating Fun

The design of this game is made to catch the eye. You will see a lovely young woman standing behind an old-time type of microphone. She is wearing a gorgeous silk down and standing in a glittering nightclub full of flashing, multicolored lights. The lights look as though they're dancing across the screen.

Playing the Game

The game itself is styled to look like a classic slot machine. It's a very straightforward slots game that's full of the classic slots symbols you'd expect to find in a traditional slots game like this. You will see the lucky number 7, pairs of cherries, bar symbols and diamonds. The diamonds are a highlight of the game. When you win, a spray of diamonds will dance across the screen to dazzle your eyes.

How Do You Win?

You can bet as little as $0.40 or place a bet up to $80. There is just one pay line, right across the center of the game board, where you must line up matching symbols in order to win. Every time you spin, a lever on the right side of the game board will be pulled down. This is part of the classic slots design and it truly adds a fun extra element to the design.

Finding Luck

Bet as little or as much as you want on each spin to see where your luck ends up falling. When you feel a hot streak coming on, bet more money to win lots more money. When your luck begins to change, decrease your bet. Learn how to keep luck on your side as you get lost in this glamorous and fun world that's full of color and movement. This is a game that's all about helping you have fun.

Seeking Out Shanghai Nights Slots

When you want to play Shanghai Nights Slots and find this thrilling virtual world for yourself, go look for digital casinos. Many different online casinos carry this game. See what Shanghai has in store for you and find this game online.