The Boom Squad Slots

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video, bonus, 5-reel

Who is the Boom Squad? There are an elite fighting force out to deal with an evil alien invasion. The members of the team and the aliens they must face are gorgeously rendered in vivid colors that leap out at you in Boom Squad Slots? Will you help the team fight the evils in the world and come out victorious? More importantly, will you make money while doing it?

Fighting with the Squad

The Boom Squad live in a large city full of buildings. It's nighttime. The moon is out and evil is afoot. Luckily, you have bravery to guide your way as you play your way through this fun slots game. The background of the game board is cast in soft purple hues. But the game board itself? That's bright and eye-catching and full of vivid shades.

Boom Goes the Reels

This is a five-reel slots game with four rows of symbols where the Boom Squad will battle it out with the forces that threaten the world. When the reels spin, you will see the members of the Boom Squad, the alien invaders they must face and familiar letters and numbers. You'll also see the wild symbol if you're lucky. This is a bomb that will really go boom on the game board and open up more winning possibilities for you. As the reels spin, the battle plays out. Sometimes, aliens will shoot their deadly rays.

Getting a Win

There are 50 different pay lines, which presents a lot of chances for you to win money. Bet just $0.01 per pay line for a bet as low as $0.50, or bring your bet all the way up to $2 per line for a total of $100 per bet. If you want to win big, bet big. And boom goes those chips falling into your account!

Playing the Game

This game has a comic book look and feel to it, and fast gameplay. The little added animations make the game even more exciting and as you start to win, everything is even more thrilling. You can even hit a symbol that awards 12 free spins at once at any time. The many ways to win, the fun story and the great design make it very easy to spend time playing this game.

Fight for a Good Cause in the Boom Squad Slots

Are you ready to battle extraterrestrial forces and help this elite crimefighting gang save the world...while making money for yourself? Find the Boom Squad Slots are online casinos and find out how much you can win while you battle evil forces that want to invade the planet.