Crosstown Chicken Slots

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video, bonus, 5-reel
Cars, Birds

Why did the chicken cross the road? It is the setup to a joke no one even remembers anymore and it's an age-old question. But these days, there never is an answer...or at least there wasn't until now. Crosstown Chicken Slots features a very busy city street filled with various images and with chickens that are attempting to cross. Will they make it? Will you make money helping them do it? Now, these questions actually do have answers.

The Design

This slots game is unusual because of its design, so unlike other slot games you can find. The city street looks very much like an aerial view of a real animated city street and the adorable chickens on the side of the road are a super fun addition. And with this game, you can finally find the answer to the question of why these chickens are trying to get across the road: eggs. These three chickens have eggs on the other side of the road, across all the traffic. These chickens definitely have a problem!

Crossing the Road

There are five lanes of traffic on the game board, which means there are five reels. As you spin them, you will see colorful cars, taxi cabs and familiar letters and numbers appear on the reels. You will also find wild symbols. When you do well and match up the crosswalks, the chickens start to cross the road. When crosswalks appear in the right places, the chickens can get all the way to the other side of the road and you can see the age-old riddle actually play itself out.

Chickens Crossing

So what happens if the chickens do make it across the road? When a chicken gets to its egg, you unlock a little bonus game. The entire screen changes and suddenly, the game is different.

Bonus Game

In the bonus game, the screen is filled with rows of eggs. Instead of spinning the reels, you will click on the eggs to break them. Various multipliers and bonuses will be revealed as you crack open the eggs. This little game gives you even more ways to win. As for the regular slots game itself, there are 25 pay lines that give you more than two dozen ways to make winning combinations.

Playing Crosstown Chicken Slots

Find Crosstown Chicken Slots at various digital casinos. Many different online casinos carry this slots game and that means there are many ways you can start playing and start winning. Help the chickens get to their eggs and help yourself get a much bigger bank account!