Fruity Grooves Slots

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video, bonus, 5-reel
Classic Slot Symbols, Music, Fruits

Lots of slots games these days have themes. In fact, some casinos spend really big money to get randed slots games that are stylized after movies and other pop culture. But Fruity Grooves Slots doesn't need gimmicks or a lot of star power to draw you in and keep your attention. There are familiar images, beautifully designed, and great gameplay.

Getting in the Groove

The background is simple. It's a striking purple and it's made to look sort of like a stage. There are built-in speakers and a scaffolding all over the place. There's even a bar to measure volume across the top.

Finding Fruity Delights

Familiar fruits will dance across the game board as you spin the reels. There are five reels today, with four rows in each. And you will see cute, fruity images on all the reels. Cherries, bananas, oranges, lemons, grapes, and watermelons will flash past with every spin of the reels. You will also see glowing bar symbols, neon bells and diamonds and little music symbols.

Different Ways to Win

You can bet big or bet small on this game. Place a bet that's as low as $0.40, or dig deep and bet up to $80 on every spin. No matter how much you bet, you will have 1,024 different pay lines to play with. That's more than one thousand different ways you can win, and those are pretty good odds. Successful gamblers who make money will tell you to play the odds. Well, a one in one thousand chance of winning big happens to be great odds, much better than you will ever get playing any lottery game and most other casino games.

The Little Extras

Meanwhile, there are scatter symbols and various free spin multipliers that will just appear while you're playing. This game doesn't need graphics and animations and all kinds of extras. It has free spins, big bonuses and a ton of pay lines already, which is more than enough bells and whistles for gamblers. It's the little extras that make a game stand out, not a big theme or a lot of silly pop culture.

Playing Fruity Grooves Slots

Are you ready to get your gambling groove on? Find Fruity Grooves Slots at digital casinos that carry slots games. This is a fun, colorful and highly playable game. Find it at many different casinos and start finding ways to play this game.