8-Bit Intruder Slots

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video, bonus, 5-reel
Space, Aliens

Be honest: How many times have you caught yourself watching an advertisement for a new video game, and you thought it was a new movie or TV show instead? Video games have become super lifelike. And honesty, doesn't it make you sort of yearn for those video games of days gone by? Remember when games were pixelated? Remember how cool it was to see a laser shooting on a screen while you blasted asteroids and space rocks? Well, 8-Bit Instruder Slots captures both the look and gameplay of those video gaming days of the past. Visit the past of video gaming.

Falling Into an 8 Bit World

The background is a vague starscape, perhaps, with various planets and space features that are difficult to make out. But that's okay because the gameboard is where all the real action takes place. Well, in this case, reel action.

Some of That Reel Action

The gameboard has five reels and three rows where classic video game images appear. The bright colors are stunning and the little alien characters are adorable and menacing at the same time. When planets and asteroids appear on the reels, and they will, the ray guns in the corner of the screen activate. The lasers shoot out the rocks and change the reels, which gives you another chance to win if all the right symbols slide into place. You will win money every time the ray guns shoot away rocks.

Battling the Alien Invaders While You Gamble

Basically, you are battling alien invaders while you play this slots game and you're trying to prevail for the sake of all humanity. It's all for fun, of course. The worse that will happen is that you will lose some money. And the best that will happen? You will win! Get ready to battle as you watch the pretty purple reels spin around on the board.

How Will You Take On the Board?

How will you play this slots game to increase your chances of winning? Choose a low bet of $1.25 per spin or increase the bid all the way to $250 per spin. Bigger bets will lead you to much bigger wins, of course, so you need to know when your luck is looking good and when you're feeling that hot streak coming on. Plan out how you will take on this game board and soon, you'll be winning the big bucks you want.

Find Out Where to Play 8-Bit Intruder Slots

Get lost in the pixelated images and designs of video games from the past with the fun 8-Bit Intruder Slots game. Search out the cute aliens, the bright colors and the ray guns and you will soon be taking on alien invaders and winning big at this game.