Cryptologic Software

Cryptologic software company was founded in Canada in 1995. It appeared due to the hard work of Andrew and Mark Rivkin. The internet technologies were only developing and online world was sometimes insecure. Moreover, it was lack of innovative solutions in the sphere of online money management.

Cryptologic software company analyzed the internet market and understood the necessity of safe and encrypted service that allowed secure online financial transactions to the e-commerce field. Having considered all details, the company offered its highly innovative and sophisticated option called e-Cash for commercial web sites to receive online payments. E-Cash is highly popular even in the modern world.

Cryptologic in the online gambling world

Safe online gambling industry gained worldwide recognition and brought its participants high profits. Taking this into account, Cryptologic decided to take part in this profitable online market. This is how its subsidiary called WagerLogic appeared. WagerLogic was aimed on developing as well as distribution of the casino games and software platforms for online casinos.

Cryptologic software company was highly successful at the time it decided to acquire the license for launching its own online casino. Having done this in 1996, the InterCasino appeared. It still operates and is considered to be one of the most trusted and biggest online gaming sites.

WagerLogic & InterCasino - successful cooperation

Being one of the most powerful and reliable software providers, Cryptologic software always put the customers' needs and satisfaction at the top of the priorities list. That is why it used its own InterCasino for trying out and testing the new software developed in WagerLogic before putting it into the market.

After getting the certificate in 2002 on the Isle of Man, WagerLogic became even more successful. It was brave as no other companies submitted themselves to such string conditions (as land casinos have) before. WagerLogic applies extremely high standards of operating to all its software licensees.

Secure operating

Every online casino powered by WagerLogic is submitted to a monthly audit in order to ensure that they keep to the set rules and conditions. Every casino game results must be fair and random.

Cryptologic software company takes a good care of its good name earned by hard and devoted work for over these years. It understands the importance of trust in the business. The company provides safe and fair business, develops state-of-the-art software solutions for online casinos and protects the customers. These factors made Cryptologic software company highly respectable and trustworthy among others.