Gumball Blaster Slots

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video, bonus, 5-reel
Space, Aliens

The simple gumball. It could not be more uncomplicated. It's just a round little ball in a bright color shade. Pop it into your mouth and it's hollow inside. But it's chewy and it's sugary and it's a treat that everyone remembers from childhood. Is there anything as small and affordable as a gumball that can make you as happy as this brightly colored candy once did? Well...maybe it's Gumball Blaster Slots. If the idea of winning money is sweet to you, it's time to get a blast of this slots game in your life.

Blast Off With this Game Design

In some ways, this is a standard slots game. The game board itself is a mystical field of stars, a great big galaxy full of possibilities. It's a simple design that's full of colors but it's the extra elements that make this game so unique, such a standout option among all the others that are out there.

Blast Your Way to Winnings

There are three rows and five reels where all the different possibilities happen. The reels are full of bright, beautiful little images and symbols. You will see classic 1960s sci-fi elements like rocket ships, ray guns, spaceships and even robots. You will also see colorful gumballs on the game board, of course. The design is made to make you think of sweet things and hopeful, happy possibilities.

How to Play to Win

As you play, you will notice extra elements on the game board, like wild symbols. There are 25 pay lines on the board. Customize your bet for every spin to bet as little as $3 or up to $50 per spin. Bet more when you feel lucky, maybe a little less when you don't. No matter how much you bet, you have multiple options to get free spins, bonus modifiers and lots of ways to win.

Going Inside the Gumball Machine

The gumball machine sets this game apart. Some of the gumballs in the machine are just standard sugary gumballs, like the ones you chewed as a kid. Other treats inside the machine give you free spins, bonuses and other perks and rewards that you get in addition to whatever happens on the game board itself.

Where You Can Play Gumball Blaster Slots

Does playing this unusual slots game seem like a blast to you? Find Gumball Blaster Slots at online casinos that carry slot machine-style games.