Lucky Jack – Tut's Treasures Slots

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video, bonus, 6-reel
Ancient Egypt, Adventure

If you were going to make a list of the coolest jobs in the world, treasure hunter would be somewhere on that list. Everyone wonders what it might be like to be a tomb raider, to be an adventurer like Indiana Jones, to find ancient riches and discover wonders. Well, in Lucky Jack - Tut's Treasures Slots, you will have that chance. Who knows what sorts of treasures you will end up walking away with?

The Design of This Hidden World

This game takes you right inside a secret and undiscovered tomb that has not been touched since the ancient days when it was first built. You will be in one of those ancient tombs from the days when pharaohs ruled the land. There are gold coins everywhere, a sphinx...and lots more.

The Treasures Waiting on the Reels

You will see five reels on this slots game, but the number of rows varies. This slots game is a little different than classic slots games when it comes to the layout of the reels. Some of the sumbols are larger than others and this creates some different ways to win that aren't quite like other slots games. On the reels, you will see magnificent ancient treasures like golden masks, gorgeous cat statues, beautiful carvings and artwork and letters and symbols associated with Egyptian culture. Everything is trimmed in gold and everything looks absolutely beautiful, with vibrant and vivid colors that are stunning and bright.

Going on a Treasure Hunt

There are 25 pay lines where you will match up the symbols to get a win. That's pretty standard when it comes to slots games. You choose exactly how much you win by choosing how much to risk on every bet you place. Start out with a minimum bet of $2.50 and take it all the way up to $250 if you want to get the maximum payout.

How to Get Free Spins

Any time you want, you can use the game's buy feature to get 10 free spins. You choose how much you're going to bet on these spins and then, you're playing a fun new bonus game that's different from the main game. During this bonus game, you can win free spins and more money for yourself.

Finding the Hidden World of Lucky Jack - Tut's Treasures Slots

Go to online casinos to find Lucky Jack - Tut's Treasures Slots and start playing this game. The sooner you find this game at online casinos, the sooner you can start playing the game to make money.