Mystic Wolf Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Animals, Mystic

Historians and scientists believe that wolves were the very first animals that ancient humans learned how to domesticate. Before sheep, before cattle, even before horses, the people living in caves during the Stone Age were forging a special relationship with wolves that has continued to grow throughout the ages. All modern dogs are descended from wolves and in Mystic Wolf Slots, they roam free under the silvery moonlight. Tap into your own inner wolf as you go hunting for riches and wealth while you play this fun, exciting slots game.

What You Will Find Under the Moonlight

This game was designed to honor the wolf. There is a huge moon and a starry sky in the background, with that silvery orb reflecting beautiful light all over the world. The entire game is silvery and blue and purple, colors that truly create that mystical, mythical feeling that wolves create. In this game, hopefully the wolves will bring you good luck.

When the Reels Turn Around and Around

There are five reels and three rows where these beautiful symbols appear, all of them twinkling under the moonlight. You will see silver coins, beautiful bird feathers, full moons and of course, wolves fill up the reels. The sparkling moonlight, the wolves and everything about this game create a mystical, magical sort of look and feel that makes this game very exciting and engaging.

Finding Ways to Win

Gambling is a fun way to pass the time and this game is utterly beautiful but the real reason you play the slots is to win money. Pick your bet to design how you're going to lay this game. You can make a bet as low as $0.50 or bet up to $125 per spin to get a really huge win. You can change the speed of the reels and, if you want, even adjust whether the game controls are aligned on the right or the left.

Inside a World of Moonlight

This pretty slots game is full of different ways to win and when you do, the pay lines are clearly highlighted so you can see exactly how you made your winning combination.

Where Can You Start Playing Mystic Wolf Slots?

If you want to find Mystic Wolf Slots and start tapping into the ancient wisdom of the wolves to find your way to money, start looking for this game at digital casinos. You will find this game at many different online casinos that carry slots games. Just let the moonlight guide you toward a win.