Story Of Hercules Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel
Ancient Greece, Greek Mythology

Hercules was a demi-god, the son of Zeus himself, and incredibly powerful. He has to battle through no less than 12 labors, facing some of the greatest challenges the realm of the gods could throw at him. When you play Story of Hercules Slots, you will go with Hercules on his epic journey. Will you wind up being heroic enough to win some money for yourself...or will you face the agony of defeat in the jaws of mythical monsters and fearsome creatures?

The Legendary Tale

Hercules battled some of the scariest creatures in mythology. He famously battled the lion that would become the constellation Leo, the golden ram that would become the constellation Aries, the white bull known as Taurus and many more. You will see all of these creatures and more when you play this slots game.

Go Into the Realm of the Gods

You will be transported into ancient times when you play this game. The background is a beautiful world, full of amazing colors, that showcases the tall columns you associate with ancient Greek design. The sky is full of shakes of pink and purple. Even the game board is designed with classical Greek style. There are five reels and a varying number of rows, sometimes three and sometimes less, depending on the symbols that appear across the rows. The colors are beautiful, the images are sharp and the graphics are sharp and vibrant.

Helping the Legendary Hercules

Bet as little as $0.50 or as much as $500 on each spin of the reel as you follow Hercules on his epic journey. As you play, you will discover wild symbols and other bonuses that increase your winnings. Some symbols even award you with free spins.

Changing the Game

Help Hercules on his journey by playing the Buy Feature. When you play this bonus game, the game board will change and everything will become a little bit different. When you play this bonus game, you buy a certain number of spins and watch the board as the reels fly by. If you feel like you're ready to do some epic monster-slaying, try this bonus game. You will see many cool graphics and possibly, win quite a bit of extra money.

Become Your Own God with Story Of Hercules Slots

Have you got what it takes to help legend's most famous demi-god? Find Story Of Hercules Slots at digital casinos that carry slots games. When you're ready to battle lions and dragons and become a hero, go seek out this game online and start to play.