Queen Of Ice Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel
Fantasy, North, Winter

Everyone loves escaping to a fantasy world, sometimes. Whether you like those big-budget movies and TV shows with all the cool effects, like dragons soaring across the sky, or you're into immersive video games that can turn you into a fantasy hero. Queen of Ice Slots puts you into a fantasy world where you will find out whether the Queen of Ice will turn out to be a friend or a foe.

The Icy World of the Queen

This game sets the stage immediately, putting you into an ice-covered and snowy world. You will be in a land that is covered with ice. Mountains and jagged cliffs are in the background, with icicles dangling down. Snow is falling softly all over the background, behind the reels. It's on the reels that you will find the Queen of Ice herself. But could you be the one who escapes with all the treasures?

Finding the Symbols on the Reels

The colors on the reels match the icy world in which they exist. You will see deep purple blues that look like ice, beautiful minty green and bright golden yellow. You will even see a rich ruby red. All the symbols on the board have an icy look to them, just a little extra design to remind you that you are fully in the Queen of Ice's world. You will find her on the reels, along with letters and numbers you will recognize. You'll also see ice crystals, beautiful white wolves, snowy white owls and symbols that give you free spins and bonuses.

The Game Inside the Game

When you get enough bonus symbols on the board, you will unlock an entire bonus game. When this happens, the entire game board changes. Suddenly, you're facing a brand-new board. You will have a certain number of spins to try to match up icy symbols. Make more matches and you will win more money. It's almost like you get to have two different slots game in one.

How the Game is Played

This slots game is designed with 25 pay lines. Match up symbols along here, and you will win. You can't choose how the reels land or which symbols you get. You can choose how much you bet. Start with a small minimum bet of $2.50, which is $0.01 per line. Or, change your bet to $10 per line and you will bet $250 on every single spin.

Finding the Frozen World of Queen Of Ice Slots

You don't have to travel far to get to the icy, glittering world of the Queen of Ice Slots. You will discover this game at digital casinos everywhere, any digital casino that carries a big selection of popular slots game. Explore the icy beauty and winning possibilities of this world and who knows? Maybe you'll hear the clink of many coins falling into your pockets soon.