Buccaneer Bash Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video

There was once a time in history when pirates sailed the seas, creating chaos and plundering riches from others wherever they went. Buccaneer Bash Slots is your chance to take some of that treasure back from these legendary sailors. In bold colors and vivid graphics, they will light up the screen as you attempt to win lots and lots of riches. Are you ready to do some piracy of your own, and battle these buccaneers to put gold into your pocket?

Setting Sail the Seven Seas

You will find yourself in a tropical island environment when you play this slots game. Sea birds are flying overhead against a perfect blue sky with puffy white clouds. You're on the beach, with the beautiful blue water stretching out ahead of you. It's full of possibilities because it sets the stage for the game board itself, the spinning reels where you may just make your fortune.

Finding the Hidden Pirate Treasure

Everyone knows that pirates have treasure. Looking for treasure is pretty much what pirates like to do. In this game, you'll be taking treasure from them. There are five reels and three rows where the colorful symbols will line up. You will see many classic images of pirates and piracy, things like cannons, scrolls featuring secret information about pirate treasure, big chests full of gold coins, spyglasses, bottles of rum and of course, various pirates wearing cool clothes and bright colors. You'll also see jewels, gold coins and all those items you'd like to collect when you go hunting for pirate treasure.

Playing the Game of Pirates

Choose the best way to play this game to get the most riches you possibly can. Bet as little as $2.50 or as much as $125 to choose how much you win...or lose, of course. The reels contain several wild symbols and other bonuses that you can hit any time to get more money and free spins, which is always nice.

Looking for the Big Treasure Trove

Of course, pirates aren't known for having just a little bit of treasure. They're famous for having lots and lots of treasure, great big chests full of coins and jewels and all those riches that everyone wants. That's why this game offers a little bit more. There are also two big jackpots. Both are progressive, which means they actually grow and get bigger as more time passes. The more time you spend playing, the bigger and bigger the jackpots get. There is a minor and a major jackpot. Hit either one and you will win thousands and thousands of dollars.

Hunt for Treasure and Get Your Riches with Buccaneer Bash Slots

Are you ready to be as rich as any pirate? Go online and seek out digital casinos to find Buccaneer Bash Slots. Many different online casinos carry this fun, pirate-themed slots game. Go look for it and start gathering your fortune.