Bankers Gone Bonkers Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Bank, Crime, Money

Banks are only supposed to keep everyone else's money safe, you know. They were originally started so that people could stop burying their money in jars in the backyard or stuffing it into mattresses. So why are bankers are so rich? Everyone pretty much knows that those bankers guys are up to no good most of the time. Well, here's your chance to go head-to-head against a group of virtual bankers when you play Bankers Gone Bonkers Slots. Now, you get the chance to take some money from them.

When the Bank Breaks Open

You know right away that you're in a world of high finance when you see this game. The background is a busy city block with a big, fancy stone bank. It's got columns and carvings and looks like one of those old Greek buildings, so you know this is a fancy sort of place. But this only sets the stage for the real action and the real fun. Because when you're playing this fun slots game, it's all about the different symbols you will see on the reels.

Wheels and Reels of Fortune

Many different characters are included in this colorful, money-driven game world. On the five reels and four rows where the different symbols appear, you will see many cute, colorful graphic images associated with money and investing. There are fatcat bankers, of course, along with robbers who are taking money right out of the vault. You'll see stacks of cash, safes full of money and letters of the alphabet and numbers you'll recognize. The gameplay is very fast and entertaining.

What Else Can You Do?

Just by playing this game, you can win free spins any time. Certain symbols award spins as you play, so you actually get the chance to game for free. But this slots game has another extra feature that's not like other slots games. At any point, hit the Bonus Buy button. This unlocks a special game mode where you can win more free spins by betting a set amount of money. The reels will spin until your bet is complete and at the end, you might have won a lot more money and spins.

The Way the Game is Played

This game has 1,024 pay lines where you can win. Choose to bet big or bet high, depending on how lucky you feel. Your bet can be as low as $0.04 or as big as $150.

Searching for Riches and Moneymen with Bankers Gone Bonkers Slots

The fun theme, lively design and really cute graphics make this game stand out visually. But the tons of different pay lines, the onus game and the many different ways you can win make this slots game stand out as a great game to make money with, and that's what really matters to gamblers. Go searching for Bankers Gone Bonkers Slots at digital casinos of all kinds, and go find your fortune waiting for you.