Caribbean Stud Poker

If you like poker but want to branch out from the usual forms of the game then Caribbean Stud is a great way to quickly master a new set of skills while possibly winning a large jackpot at the same time.

Playing Texas Hold'em or Omaha can get a bit samey after a while and many online gamers find themselves searching for something new. Quite often they find what they're looking for in Betfair Caribbean Stud Poker.

The beauty of Caribbean is that it's a quick, simple game that importantly takes away the stresses of bluffing that accompanies the majority of poker versions.

Instead of facing other players you only play the dealer and the aim isn't to bluff or tactically manoeuvre your way to success but instead use a combination of chance and skill to win big money.

The rules themselves are easy to understand. You're dealt five cards after putting down an initial 'ante' bet and have the choice to either fold or bet on the strength of those five.

This is where your skill comes into play. Read the cards carefully and you may have quite a decent hand but, if not, folding is always a good option.

This is because if you want to win the hand you must at least match the ante and wait to see what the dealer has in theirs. If the dealer beats you then tough luck, but if your hand is stronger you can win some serious payouts depending on the table.

One advantage the gamer has over the dealer is that the dealer can only play if they have an Ace/King combination or higher. If not, their hand is illegitimate and you win double money on your ante.

An example hand would be 8-8-9-8-K in your hole, and you feel confident enough to place a bet to see the dealer's. The dealer turns over and reveals A-J-10-A-3. Your three 8s beat the dealer's Ace pair, and so you win the hand and the money.

What's easy about Betfair Caribbean Stud Poker is that you can play at your own pace but it is fast enough to get onto a new hand should you fold.

Furthermore, understanding how different poker games work is always a benefit to first-timers, for you can take those skills into different versions and read card values in much the same way.