Online Casinos Evolution

Online casinos appeared not so long ago in the gambling industry but definitely gained the worldwide popularity. The online casinos history is very interesting and contains lots of facts about the development of the online gaming industry in general. In order for players to get the best online gambling experience, online gaming sites were constantly improving their quality and security.

Online casinos history in details

The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act:

In 1994, the Act controlling the general activity of the online casinos was created in Antigua and Barbuda. This legislative act established zones for free trade and also commission for the countries from oversees. The legislation resolved that every online casino should be licensed in order to have the right to operate.

Real money gaming:

Online gambling for real money became possible in 1996, when the first program was created to accept cash. This event changed the course of online casinos history completely. The same year the first real money bet was made.

Multiplayer online gambling:

Online casinos gained popularity over the course of the development of this kind of online business. Players started to believe in safe online gambling and wanted to share the gaming process with other participants. The multiplayer online gaming became possible in 1999.

The first online millionaire:

The online casinos history is interesting as the evolution of online gaming industry was very rapid and only after the few years, in 2002, one of the online players won one and a half million dollars.


eCOGRA is the acronym for the eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance. This legislative body was created in 2003 in order to improve quality and security of the online gaming sites. eCOGRA ensured the usage of the online casino security measures by online casinos for better players' protection. This way, it became easier to find safe online casino as the eCOGRA licenses ensured the safety.

Modern online gambling:

Present day online gaming industry develops with high speed and offer players great advantages of playing online, for example, online blackjack, numerous bonuses, free games and amazing comfort. The online casinos history made online casinos the top priority for those seeking for safe, secure, interesting and innovative gambling experience.