Online Blackjack

Being a highly popular card game, online blackjack is played worldwide. No weird that this traditional and old casino game is presented in online mode which is an innovative and very comfortable way of gambling.

New era of gambling

Online gambling provides casino gamers with lots of attractive and positive features like various bonuses, free of charge and hassle free gaming. This is the reason why many gamblers prefer playing all kinds of casino games in the Internet. Online blackjack, for example, brings its players lots of joy and fun. Being one of the most complicated games of skill, it requires training and understanding of the main principles of the game. Thus there are players that are a bit scared to try it in brick and mortar casinos. Online blackjack is created ideally for them! Beginners and inexperienced players can master their skills, learn and get acquainted with the game without even paying for it! However, in order to play successfully, players are advised to follow useful gambling tips and, of course, know the basic rules of online blackjack.

How to play online blackjack?

Every gambler should keep in mind that rules for traditional blackjack played in land casinos do not differ from the online blackjack rules. So, they are the following:

  • Players play against a dealer;
  • The main goal is to get total points as close to 21 as possible;
  • If sum of points is higher than 21 it means lost which is called Bust;
  • Players are given two cards face up and a dealer has one card face up and one is face down.
  • Dealer usually stands on soft 17, which means it is not allowed to take more cards;
  • After dealing the cards, players have such options:

    Hit - take more cards to get closer to 21 points;

    Stand - take no more cards if the points are high enough;

    Double-Down - double the initial bet and receive only one more card if a dealer's cards are weak;

    Split - play two hands by splitting two cards that are the same;

    Take Insurance - make an initial bet on the possibility that a dealer has a blackjack.

These were only basic rule of standard blackjack but players should be aware of the fact that the knowledge of them is not enough to play successfully. It highly advised to practice a lot, use the blackjack basic strategy and manage the bankroll wisely.