Online casino license

Online gambling has gained worldwide popularity during the course of the internet technologies development. Players were given terrific opportunities to gamble in comfortable conditions, without the necessity of leaving home or spend additional money on trip to land casinos. That is why online gaming sites have become one of the best places to enjoy safe online gambling experience.

But have the online gambling always been secure and fair? Well, the casinos history tells us that online gaming has not always been as safe as it is now. The reason lies in lack of control over the online casinos operating. The first online casino operators were dishonest and took advantage of Internet, as it allowed anonymous operating. Lots of players were fooled and many winnings were not paid.

The importance of casino license

But the time has changed and modern online casino operators are extremely honest and trustworthy. They crave for fair operating and prove it by obtaining casino licenses. Casino license is actually not obligatory requirement to start operating online. However, it is a sign of safe online casino. Players can feel more comfortable and secure when knowing that casino is licensed.

Casino license adds credibility and legitimacy to the online gambling business and this is way online players are more willing to spend their time and money on secure gambling sites.

How to obtain a casino license?

It should be mentioned that it is not easy to obtain a casino license, especially for land casinos. The reason is the huge profits. Not every brick-and-mortar casino will get a casino license, as it is highly restricted. That is why many casino operators started their business online as it is much easier to get the off-shore casino license. This type of license allows conducting such gambling activities as:

  • Casino games;
  • Lotteries;
  • Different types of bets.

Online casino operators can obtain their casino license in different licensing jurisdictions. However, they have to be careful to choose only dependable jurisdictions as:

  • Antigua and Barbuda,
  • Gibraltar,
  • Netherlands Antilles (Curacao),
  • Khanawake (Canada),
  • the Dominican Republic,
  • Vanuatu.

Licensed online casinos

Licensed online gambling sites are the subject to trust and respect. It is easy to get the casino license but it is much harder to prove your legitimacy and transparency afterwards. The licensees are always checked and examined by various security organizations. The licensed online casinos have to provide players with fair and transparent services as well as total security and privacy. Their activities are monitored by the so called "watchdog organizations" form the licensing jurisdiction that issued a license. These organizations protect online gambling legality and online players form frauds and other casino crimes.

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